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Welcome to the

As you may or may not be aware, Smalltown is not only a dandy place to call home, but is actually a Rock and Roll BAND. Many people ask us what KIND of band we are. As a matter of fact, they usually ask by saying something like: "What in the HELL kinda band are you?"

Well, Smalltown is the type of band our parents warned us we would become if we didn't stop smoking that stuff. As such we are available for:

- Parties
- Weddings
- Clubs
- Concerts
- Corporate Events
- etc. etc. etc.
- Hell, we'll even walk your dog if the price is right!

We perform a wide variety of music, from pop, folk and standards to Jimmy Buffett-style carribean tunes, to gut-busting rock and roll! In fact "Variety" is our middle name! We are currently undecided on a last name, perhaps "Schwartz", but VARIETY is definitely our middle name!

We are also an expandable band! In addition to the two of us, we can include some of the finest musicians in the area, including saxophonists, guitarists, brass players, drummers, percussionists, kazooists, etc etc.

If you would like to have a look at our song list, click HERE .

To listen to a few music samples, click HERE .